So you have a roundtrip ticket to Brazil, and you now have received the email about your hotel confirmation for your entire stay. The difficult part is over, but a more challenging aspect of your travel opens up. When you get to Brazil, it is not enough to be just in there. While you are in this beautiful country, you can make your trip even more memorable by scheduling activities and things to do. If this is your first time visiting Brazil then going around and doing, things can be a little bit confusing and difficult especially when you factor in the costs involved. To help you out in this area, here are a few of the options that you can do while you are in Brazil.
Watch the Rio Plataforma Show
With the cover of this show and the promotional posters, you may immediately conclude that it is a party show with lots of sexy bodies and steamy dance routines. Do not let the cover distract you. This show is very much linked to the culture of Brazil. Colorful lights, costumes and dance routines that depict the country’s culture is embedded within the show. If you are traveling to Brazil for the first time, then the platform show is the best way to orient yourself with the country’s culture.
Corcovado Mountain Cable Cars
Cable cars are not very unusual. Every major attraction in the world has a cable car to showcase the view and to also attract tourists even more but what makes the Corcovado mountain cable cars special in Brazil is the amazing view of Rio and the statue of Christ, the Redeemer. It can be expensive to book this activity on the day when you will be using it. The trick is to book packages along with this activity or to book the activity ahead of time.
Rio de Janeiro Tour
Unlike the usual city tours that other major cities in the world offers always has a stop in a historical museum. Most tours in Brazil don’t have this. Rio is an exciting city mixing modern ways with classic culture. There are more outdoor activities in Rio rather than spending it indoors. Taking a trip with an English-speaking guide allows you to see and understand more of Rio and more of Brazil. Most Rio tours stop at Copacabana Beach, Botafogo beach, and the Palacio Guanabara.
Explore the Amazon
If you are in Brazil, it would be such a downer not to be able to visit the Amazon. While it is technically impossible to tour the entire Amazon reserve getting a glimpse and a fraction of the wildlife it offers should be a part of your Brazil itinerary. The Amazon River and Amazon forest is home to many exotic plants and animals. A cruise through the river is an effective way to get yourself reconnected with nature.
Trek to Iguazu Falls
There is a waterfall that exists in the world that can be viewed from different perspectives from different countries. The Iguazu also falls visible on the Argentinian side is also an attraction in Brazil that has tourists petrified in surprise because of the beauty they are confronted with. The trek to the falls also allows tourists to have a good view of many scenic spots before it climax with the Iguazu falls on the Brazilian side.
While enjoying your stay in one of the most exciting destinations in the world, you can make things extra special by planning your activities according to the time and budget you have.